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Hello my name is Natalie. I have multiple fandoms. I'm a bisexual senior in high school. I'm really friendly, so drop by ask me some questions then I might give you something to continue to stay in contact with me!! Please enjoy my blog!


people who have improved ruined my life:

(10/∞) Sebastian Stan

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okay though if there’s anything that struck me on rewatching the first Cap movie it’s how much Steve and Bucky are such assholes to each other and it’s amazing

and like can you just imagine recovered!Bucky and Steve going on missions together and Steve being like

"wow Buck…



Bucky’s face here will forever be the worst thing in the world. He’s looking at Steve and he’s so proud of him but there’s also this look in his eyes that says "he doesn’t need me anymore, why would Captain America ever need Bucky Barnes" and it’s all over his face. But when you pay attention to Bucky in the crowd you can see him looking around and taking it all in, taking in the fact that people finally see Steve the way he has always seen him and I CANT TAKE IT ITS DISGUSTING HOW MUCH HE LOVES STEVE AND HAS ALWAYS APPRECIATED HIM AND NOW THE WORLD LOVES HIM AND HE’S OVERWHELMED BUT HE’S ALSO SO SO HAPPY OH MY GODDDDDD

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me: I'm pretty sure I would marry every single Avenger.
obnoxious friend: Black Widow is an Avenger.
me: Did I fucking stutter?
sexual orientation: Sebastian Stan as conniving Carter Baizen
sexual orientation: Sebastian Stan as the former First Lady's openly gay son
sexual orientation: Sebastian Stan as a brainwashed assassin wearing lots of eyeliner
sexual orientation: Sebastian Stan
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Gossip Girl 3.03/3.06/3.18

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if sebastian stan is ruining your life clap your hands

*clap, clap*

if sebastian stan is ruining your life clap your hands

*clap, clap*

*clapping intensifies*

*aggressively claps*

*cAN NO loNGer HEar yoU OVer tHE sOUNds oF CLAppinG*

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Mad Hatter

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You don’t look so good, bro.  Maybe you should take a nap or something.

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Celebrity Liferuiners Crushes

1/∞ - Sebastian Stan

I seem to keep ending up with these bad boy characters. I don’t understand what’s going on. I walk the street in New York feeling like I’m Paul Rudd or something, but apparently no one sees else it that way.”

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guys i’m slowly becoming a bucky barnes / sebastion stan blog

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instagram - @imsebastianstan

instagram - @imsebastianstan

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